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supreme champion - British Pie Awards

Supreme Champion - British Pie Awards 2016 - Beef Skirt & Vegetable Pastie

Receiving the 2008 Bacon Champion trophy, presented by Janet Streetporter

Janet Street Porter presenting winner John A. Nicholl of Huddlestons Butchers Ltd, Windermere, Cumbria with the National Dry Cured Bacon Championship Trophy for “Sweet Dry Cured Treacle Back Bacon”.

National Bacon Champion
In 1988 John Nicholl took over as proprietor and has given Huddlestons the outstanding reptutation it has today.
This is reflected in the recent awards that have been won.

British Pie Awards 2016

2011 North West Regional Product Evaluation Awards, Reebok Stadium, Bolton

  • Gold - Traditional Cumberland Sausage
  • Gold - Traditional Pork Sausage
  • Gold - Traditional Pork Pie
  • Gold - Dry-Cured Back Bacon
  • Gold - Ham, Chicken & Leek Pie

2011 National Pie Championships, Bolton Arena

  • Pasty Category - Runner-Up

2011 Bacon Connoisseurs Week Competition

  • Gold - Maple Syrup Dry-Cured Back Bacon
  • Gold - Smoked Dry-Cured Back Bacon

2010 National Sausage, Bacon and Pie Championships

  • Gold - Mojo Pasty
  • Gold - Rambler Pork Pie

2009 National Bacon Championships

  • Gold - Plain Dry-cured Back Bacon
  • Gold - Smoked Dry-cured Back Bacon

2008 National Bacon Championships - Winner

“A cure for modern times”
  • Gold - Sweet Dry Cured Treacle Back Bacon
  • Gold - Dry Cured Smoked Back

2008 Reebok 2008

  • Gold - Cumberland Sausage
  • Gold - Pork Sausage
  • Gold - Pork Pie

2007 North West Regional Product Evaluation Awards
Reebok Stadium, Bolton

Home Cured Bacon Champion

  • Gold - Home Cured Bacon
  • Gold - Pork Sausage
  • Gold - Pork Pie
  • Gold - Meat & Potato Pie

2005 National Sausage Championships
Telford Exhibition Centre 7th September 2005

  • Gold - Pork Sausage
  • Gold - Cumberland Sausage
  • Gold - Saddleback Pork & Sage

2004 Cumbria’s Tastiest Sausage Competition
Westmorland County Show 9th September 2004

  • Runner-Up

2004 Product Valuation Awards
Reebok Stadium, Bolton

  • Gold Medal for Cumberland Sausage
  • Gold Medal for Pork Sausage
  • Gold Medal for Dry Cured Gammon Steaks
  • Gold Medal For Dry Cured Back Bacon
  • Gold Medal for Pork Pies
  • And also Northwest Supreme Pork Pie Champion

2003 Product Valuation Awards for Excellence in Meat Products held at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton

  • Gold award for Cumberland sausages
  • Gold award for dry cured bacon

Northwest product evaluation awards 2002, presented at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton

  • Gold award for pork sausages
  • Gold award for dry cured bacon
  • Gold award for pork pies
  • Gold award for cornish pasties

1999 & 2000 finalists in the National Cumberland Sausage Championships at the Cumberland and Westmorland County Show

1999 National Pork Pie Championship Finalists

1997 - 1998 North West Supreme Pork Sausage Championships Winner

Over recent years we have won numerous other awards for our products.